Specializing in Bar/Nightclub Spotting, Theft/Liability Detection & Restaurant/Retail Mystery Service Evaluations
“Don’t let an incidents like this cost you valuable business.”
There is a old adage that says “When the boss is away, the employees will play”
Are you happy with your current staff? How can you be sure you’ve hired the best individuals to help you achieve your business goals?
Poor performing employees cost your business more than just salaries. Inadequate customer service scares off potential regulars and employee theft and shrinkage negatively affect your bottom line. Maintaining a zero tolerance stance on employee theft is the key to the success of financial institutions and it is key to your success as well.
Metro Spotters strives to strive to be a valuable asset to your business to help you increase income, productivity and integrity by maintaining high service standards that will not only keep regular customers coming back, but will also bring new patrons through your front door.
Combining our expert staff, thoughtful and thorough service and detailed reports, we can help you increase profits, decrease costs and grow your business.
Metro Spotters specializes in -
-Mystery Service Evaluations and Integrity Reports
- Staff Integrity Checks
-Theft/Liability Detection Services
-Loss Prevention Analysis 
-Competition Surveys
Employing the wrong staff could be a recipe for disaster. Let Metro Spotters help you cook up a successful business.
For excerpts of our reports  & company news visit our blog at http:metrospotters.wordpress.com

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 Bar/Lounge/nightclub spotter, theft & liability detection services Restaurant mystery shops & discreet service evaluations Retail Mystery Shops & Integrity reports Competition Surveys

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